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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Hello My Friend!

We headed into the Fall Season on Wednesday with the Fall Equinox, signaling a time of balancing opposites. Day and night and light and dark, are the seasonal opposites many of us notice. At the equinox, Earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the sun’s rays equally. In Latin, aequinoctium, equinox, means the time of equal days and nights, from equi (equal) and nocti (night). It is a moment in time before the days begin to shorten until the winter solstice in December. The equinoxes and solstices mark times of change–in the weather for sure, and now more than ever in our world, within our communities and personal lives.

Fall is a favorite season of mine, especially because of the colors. I’ve been painting my Art Scarves daily to keep up with the tremendous sales I’m experiencing while being a featured artist this month at the Backstreet Gallery in Old Town Florence, Oregon, where I now live. It’s been really exciting and also challenging me to be in creative flow and action with my creations!

As a lover of color and the beauty of nature, it is the essence and inspiration for my art. I’ve been newly inspired by my new residence in Florence, Oregon, where the forests meet the sea. My scarves reflect this beauty and abundance. Color is a wonderful way to experience balance by wear it or hanging it on the wall to see.

During these unusual times that are creating uncertainty and change, many people are feeling a sense of hopelessness, overwhelm, sorrow, despair, fear, and depression.

I paint my Art Scarves reflecting the language of color to offer these uplifting feelings that will hopefully balance those above. I name each scarf according to the colors and the feelings I’ve painted them with.

Yellows=Joy, clarity  Blues=Peace, flow, clarity  Violets=Spirit, faith, connection to the Divine  Greens=Heart, growth, harmony  Browns/earth tones=grounded, security, certainty

Orange=creativity  Coral=self-love  Turquoise=intuition, communication  Reds=passion, vitality, love

I love custom orders using your color choices or palettes. Or I can do a Soul Color Reading to discover what colors you need most this season.

Each of my Art Scarves is an original one-of-a-kind hand-painted creation.  No two are exactly alike.

I hope you find balance within you as we continue to live life newly this Fall.

With love, hope, and faith,


A little about me, Carol Lorraine. I work intuitively with color, nature’s beauty, and the enduring wisdom of indigenous cultures to create a variety of beautiful Creative Collections of wearable art on silk, mandalas, altar cloths, and paintings. These art pieces allow you to express your inner and outer beauty, and the divine feminine and masculine within you, so you will Blossom into your Soul’s True Beauty. I also teach classes on unleashing your creativity and learning to use your intuition to be in your own creative flow. Our next Mandala Circle Winter Series begins October 9th.