Carol Lorraine


Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. They have been used for centuries in Native American, Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, and medieval Christianity as a meditative focus for spiritual transformation. A mandala is a circular symbol reflecting the inner light of the soul. Circles are found everywhere–in flowers, plants, foods, the sun, moon, and planet earth.

“Each of us is part of the great mandala of creation, a mandala in the making, a mandala that we can shape with our love and live with a smile.”
— Joan and Miron Borysenko

My drawn and painted Mandalas reflect the inner light of the soul*
Email me for prices for prints, cards, or creating a custom mandala.


“Carol, Your work embodies the Divine Feminine. With the flowing grace of the silks and the abundance of the colorful rainbow, you share with women how to flow with their power in a graceful manner. Your silks capture the essence of the high visionary with creativity, color, grace, and inspiration.” Teresa Surya Ma McKee
“I am thrilled to receive the original creative “Gentle Beauty” scarf by Carol as a present from you. It is such beautiful fabric in all the colors that you and I enjoy so much and the design is outstanding. Oh, those lilac and purple tones are something. Never in my life have I ever owned anything so luxurious. Thank you so much! Love always.” Grandma Rosie
“Luscious lovely designs and colors. Your joy shines through!” Janet Doane Golden Leaf Galleries, WA
“Yes, yes my silk wall hanging has arrived and it is beautiful! I’m excited to have such a special piece to grace the walls of my healing room. It’s the first thing I’ve bought for my space and it feels just perfect. Thank you for your work, your special gifts and sharing them with me.” Gail Feinstein Bellevue, WA
“The Butterfly Jacket arrived today and I’m just delighted. You did a lovely job of matching the colors. Can’t wait to wear it to the wedding! Thanks so much for the very special garment.” Diane Nielen Fullerton, CA
“The kimono arrived ON my birthday!! 🙂 🙂 It’s Beautiful, and I feel Beautiful in it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Lauralyn Levi
“Your ‘Inspired Communication’ silk scarf is a bit of magic. It’s so pretty; I twirled around just so I could see it flutter in the air. I draped it around my shoulders and decided it will go with everything, so I’m going to wear it all day tomorrow with jeans. Thanks!! I love it!” Susan Thomas, Oakland, CA