Carol Lorraine

Artist Statement

Breathing spirit into each piece, my artworks are one of a kind, original silk paintings, scarves, and garments that I hope offer the viewer an extraordinary sense of aliveness. My story is a transformational journey from a sensitive, introverted girl to an intuitive, confident woman, finding my voice as a unique creative artist. My process of creating intuitively is a conscious one that brings me satisfaction and meaning, allowing me to bring all of myself to my creations. In a world of much disconnection and fear, I hope to offer through my art a reconnection to the awe and wonder of our natural world and to the love, joy, and harmony that live in our hearts.

Flowing, rhythmic, spontaneous, and free, colors playfully burst onto my silk with large dramatic brush strokes expressing exciting moods and impressions. Layering builds depth. Every color emanates an energy. Combined, these elements create a unique impact on our senses and emotions. I love painting on sensuous silk with a passionate free spirit. Sometimes the color arrives first, at other times, the theme leads. Painting truly brings me joy!

Inspiration comes from indigenous artists’ colorful weavings of patterns and textures worn for ceremonies and rituals as well as my deep love of the beauty and mystery of Nature. My travels to Africa, Hawaii, the Americas, and Mexico impress upon me the original peoples’ spiritual connection to the Earth. Artists Emil Nolde, Georgia O’Keefe, the Expressionists, and the Impressionists inspire me to use my love of color as my artistic language. As my art comes alive with vibrant bursts of colors, I hope you will experience the inspiration and beauty that I love sharing in my bold and exciting expressions.